Mp3 Players Take the Reins

It first started with the cumbersome record player and turned into mp3 players as big as your thumb. A growing trend today seems to be the music player industry. It needs to be small and portable, yet hold 25,000 songs. It also must be fashionable. God forbid that you have last month’s model rather than the one that just came out. With that remark, it could be obvious that the iPod is the most popular of these new fangled devices.

Although the iPod is not the only mp3 player and more in the market, they are the ones the kids cry for. I personally just received a Zen Neon for Christmas and am quite pleased with it. Just as designer brands exist for clothing and the such, the iPod is the designer brand for the mp3 player.

Not only do you need the latest trend of players, but also the latest carrying accessory. For the iPod shuffle, snug little ‘socks’ to keep it safe from harm. Colorful and creative ‘stickers’ or ‘skins’ can be placed on the front of your device to spruce it up a bit. Carrying straps and cases of various size, shape and color make the selection even more appealing. There are even specialized sound systems and speakers that you can hook up to your device to enhance the experience. The cutest accessory, in my opinion, is the iDog, which lights up and dances to the music playing.

On some of the certain iPods, special features make room for more fun. Some iPod models include an assortment of games, like a music quiz, which plays a few seconds of a song, and you must pick the correct title. On the ‘new iPod’, you can hold music, photos and videos. Some companies’ models have the feature to select a choice of the backlight color. Most devices also have the feature of shuffling playlists.

With all of the choices out there, how could you go wrong? You have the opportunity to go out and pick the one that fits you best. What are you waiting for?

Features of the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker

Bose has produced a number of portable speaker systems in the past, but the SoundLink Mini marks the 1st time it intends to compete for both size and price. Suitable for devices like smartphones and tablets, the SoundLink Mini is among the best sounding portable Bluetooth speakers in the marketplace and really packs a punch for its lightweight.
Anodized aluminum shell, hefty weight

Bose has a track record of impressive design, and the SoundLink Mini is no exception. It’s manufactured from an anodized aluminum case that matches almost perfectly with similar material Apple uses on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks. The case seems to wrap around the speaker, creating a rather unique look.

The edges of the aluminum are broken only by a grey speaker grill on the back and front. The sharp edges can actually dig into your fingers if you aren’t careful, and the aluminum finish is unfortunately prone to light scratches. Bose sells an optional, silicone cover for the SoundLink Mini in three colors ($29.95), and a travel bag ($54.95) but both accessories are ridiculously too expensive for our liking.

At almost 700g, the Bose SoundLink Mini is one of the heaviest speakers available. It’s still light enough to slip in your pocket if you need to, and the extra weight really gives it a premium feel. A rubber base conceals the non-removable Lithium-ion battery and also prevents the speaker from slipping when placed on a flat surface.

Bose includes a standard 3.5mm audio jack on the right side, just above an AC charger input. Unfortunately, the latter is a proprietary port and means the SoundLink Mini can’t be charged by micro-USB. Bose does include a charging cradle in the sales package that neatly docks the speaker, but the AC adapter is chunky and you’ll need to take it with you for anyone who is travelling. Most rival speakers, like the UE Boom, the Beats Pill and also the Jawbone Jambox, are all charged by a regular micro-USB connection.
Impressive clarity, decent bass

The SoundLink Mini produces crisp and clear sound with moderate, but not overwhelming bass. Mids and highs are fantastic, but while bass is pretty impressive taking into consideration the size, it can be lacking depending on your musical tastes, and obviously can’t compete with larger speaker systems.

The SoundLink Mini is not as loud as some competing Bluetooth speakers, but distortion is nearly non-existent, even at full volume. These devices produces loud enough sound to fill a small or medium sized room, but if you’re looking for a larger space to fill then you’ll need to opt for a larger and therefore more powerful speaker.

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker is available now and retails for $199.

Top features of Beats by Dre Headphones

In terms of trendy and trendy headphones, Beats by Dre needs to be in the top ten list of virtually every serious music lover. They’ve been around for several years and keep improving. There are plenty of reasons for this, and I am not alone in this opinion. So let’s consider the biggest reasons why Beats by Dre beats the opposition.

Performance is probably the biggest attraction for people. Lots of its headphones have a big bass effect coupled with a noise cancelling feature which makes going anywhere with them like being in a concert hall. Although the bass is loud, it comes through without distortion, so you don’t lose the complete music experience in the bass. Fire up the volume and the sound remains virtually distortion free.

Appearance is yet another one of its huge assets, and you look good wearing them wherever you are at. Jogging, taking the bus to work, or even just hanging out in the park paying attention to music are all places you will feel comfortable with these headphones. Another great feature is when your volume is maxed out on the inside, it is almost impossible for people to hear them on the outside.

The headphones are comfy to wear even after keeping them on for many hours. Some individuals complain that they begin to feel tight after using them for a long time, but never explain how that is possible. Though you have heard this warning before, you should not be using headphones for many hours at max volume as it can cause long term hearing loss.
Since they’re lightweight and comfy you can take them almost anyplace and fold them up, so they will be out of the way. This really is great when you are visiting a friend’s house and want to do more than just hang out.

The wired versions of Beats by Dre have a RemoteTalk cable where you can take telephone calls when connected to your mobile phone or smartphone. This really is more than convenient. Sometimes you don’t want other to hear what you are talking about, and these headphones make it possible to do in public or at home.

So search online to check out all the colors and styles available for Beats by Dre. There is certain to be something within your budget.

Digital Camera Rating Guide

Many of us use digital cameras to take our pictures for a variety of functions and events. We need a good digital camera to take these fantastic pictures. To help us with choosing a good digital camera we can use digital camera ratings. These ratings will enable us to select the camera that will be suited for our photographic abilities.

To see if we have found a reliable way to choose a digital camera we can look at digital camera buyer’s guides, or photography magazines to select the criteria that will help us. These various digital camera ratings will let us see how the different digital cameras perform in value for money, the handling of the camera, the performance of the camera and the various features that can be found.

When we look at the digital camera ratings for cameras like Minolta, Nikon and Pentax we need to see the performance of these types of digital cameras in different digital camera ratings. The ratings will briefly cover the aspects of how good the optics in the digital camera of your choice is.

The rating should state if you have a digital camera that will provide you with pictures that are clear and sharp. You will also need to know if you are selecting a digital camera that is good for an absolute beginner to digital photography, a semi-serious photographer, an individual who is taking pictures for as a hobby.

Additionally the different digital cameras must be usable by the professional photographer. With the digital camera ratings you can also investigate how the camera’s handling is. You will need to what your selected digital cameras, like the Canon Rebel Digital XT, feels like as you take pictures in different situations.

This means that you should see if there is any way to hold the camera comfortably. The digital camera ratings will inform you about the control layout. You should be able to read and understand what is on the control layout. With a digital camera rating you can also see what types of features are found on the digital camera.

These various features will let you see if there is a menu system that will let you navigate through the different items that you have on your selection of digital cameras. When you look through the different digital camera ratings you should note how the exposure and the metering modes are for the various digital cameras.

With this newfound knowledge of the digital camera ratings tucked under your belt, it will become easy enough for you to choose a new digital camera.